What Do We Do With This Election?

Dave reflects on recent events in America.


Designer Spotlight Antoine Bauza

The Core Mechanic: S2 Ep8
Antoine Bauza has two games on Mike Selinker’s list of games you must know how to play. We do a designer Spotlight on a truly marvelous board game designer.


Behind The Game

Ricky and I are working towards the hundredth game on Mike Slinker’s 2015 list of 100 games you absolutely, positively, must know how to play. The hundredth game is a game you design yourself. We have decided to share our progress and designs as a way of working with full transparency. We welcome you to our first attempt at sharing our design where we talk in whispers so as to not wake my wife and teething baby. It was all fun and I hope you actually enjoy what we made.

We whole heatedly invite  feedback and thought as a way of challenging us to think and grow in what we are doing.

Enjoy, we look forward to hearing from you!